by ARTES (2017)

GINEXTRA ® is a zero-waste multi purpose bio refinery technology developed by ARTES Institute – It extracts high-quality fibres, and fully uses liquid and solid process waste to produce high added value bio materials, such as nano bacterial cellulose.

The garment is obtained by using fibres extracted from wild Spartium Junecum stems, harvested each year in order to clean and maintain the landscape and prevent from hydrologic risks, in the Mediterranean Maquis.

● It crease resistant and iron-friendly

● It features an absorption and transpiration rate eight (8) times higher than cotton and viscose

● It has a positive impact on environment and helps social upgrading of marginal dry Mediterranean regions

For best care of this item, please wash it in water at temperatures not exceeding 60 ° with organic and chlorine-free soaps; Stir slightly moist