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Luigi Battezzati

Professor Lean Organization at Master of International Institute for the Management of Logistics at the Ècole Polytecniqu de Lousanne, Professor of Product Development  and SCM at the University Master in Management and Textile Engineering (MTE). His research activity involves: Operations, Logistics, Logistica, Mass Customisation, Lean Organisation (applied to T&C sector).

Among his numerous publications the book “The effects of a lean and agile supply chain” (2012).

He collaborates with Confindustria Bari-BAT for the SUSTEXNET project.

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Piero De Sabbata

Since 1986 Piero De Sabbata works in ENEA (the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development) in the field of research and technology transfer towards manufacturing industries.

He has a specific experience in technology transfer initiatives in industrial districts of sectors characterised by a large presence of SMEs, like Tiles and Textile-Clothing, and is responsible of the CROSS-TEC laboratory of ENEA. He participated also in standardisation initiatives related to eBusiness for manufacturing industry and to the recent Energy-made-to-Measure initiative for Energy Efficiency in the European Textile Clothing industry.

In parallel his research interests address the issues related to ICT technologies and standards for networked enterprises.

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Salvio Capasso

Salvio Capasso, graduated in Economics at the University of Naples «Federico II» in 1994. Senior Economist, he is head of the office Business and Territory Economy, at SRM, Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

He has conducted much research on economy, especially on agroindustry, textile and apparel, tourism, aerospace, automotive, and no-profit sector in collaboration with research centres and international universities. He has been the guest speaker at numerous scientific conferences, meetings and seminars nationally and internationally.

He has authored scientific essays and articles published in scientific and technical journals.

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Olimpia Ferrara

Olimpia Ferrrara, graduated in Economics at the University of Naples «Parthenope» in 1992 & Business consultant in 1993. Senior Economist, she is Researcher at the office Infrastructures, Public Finance and Public Utilities, at SRM, Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

She has conducted much research on economy, especially on tourism, aerospace, automotive, ports, logistics, in collaboration with research centres and international universities. She has been the guest speaker at numerous scientific conferences, meetings and seminars nationally and internationally.

She has authored scientific essays and articles published in scientific and technical journals.

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Oscar Calvo

Researcher and Technical Coordinator of the Research and Development project at AITEX (Association for Research in the Textile Industry), Professor at the Master in Textile Engineering at the Polytechnic of Valencia.

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Lilia Infelise

Founder and president of ARTES. Industrial Economist who created and realised with her institute over 40 innovative projects in areas of education and training, regeneration of fragile areas, logistics and environmental sustainability.

She’s currently promoting a research programme for the development of bio-enzymatic processes aimed at the extraction of natural fibre from the ginestra plant. Through her work she fosters the relationship between the different cultures of the Mediterranean basin and the economic regeneration of the areas that are most damaged by crises.

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Marzio Maiocchi

Representative for Assoreti PMI in Tunisia and founder of ATI Engineering. Manager with a long term experience in the Textile and Fashion industry on an international level. He worked for major international brands such as Armani, Zegna and Marzotto.

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SUSTEXNET partners

AITEX – (Textile Industry Research Association)

Founded in 1985 by the Valencian Regional Government, Aitex is a private non-profit association of textile and textile-related companies, and currently one of the European leading centre for research, innovation and advanced technical services for textile, manufacturing and technical textile sectors.

Its ultimate aim is to make this sector more competitive.

It Is also the coordinator of the SUSTEXNET Project project.

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It is a non-profit private institute which conceives, experiments and models innovative and sustainable solutions to unlock potentials of organisations and territories through human capital and technology development. In its more than twenty-year long history, it has designed and realised pioneering international programmes, built innovative networks and devised and patented new processes in the field of natural fibres and bio-materials.

It is the Italian coordinator of the SUSTEXNET project and it organises the event.

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CEEBA (Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations)

It was established to create one powerful national pan European network to advocate on behalf of Egyptian Businesses for market access to the EU and to promote EU Egyptian Trade and Investment.

CEEBA coordinates the activities of the European chambers and business associations in Egypt and acts also on behalf of non-existent bilateral chambers for EU member states.

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CETTEX (Centre Technique du Textile)

The Textile Technical Center (CETTEX) is a public institution with an economic interest, under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. Created since 1991, the Center provides an advisory role and expertise for Textile and Clothing industry and public authorities.

It accompanies and supports companies in their technical, managerial and organizational development and provides a constant support in their quest for growth and innovation.

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CONFINDUSTRIA Bari e Barletta-Andria-Trani

CONFINDUSTRIA Bari e Barletta-Andria-Trani is the local entrepreneurial Association of provinces of Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani that take part in Confindustria system, main organisation in Italy for representation of industries.

The Association aims at promoting social and economic development of these provinces highlighting and protecting local industry role and entrepreneur’s interests.

CONFINDUSTRIA Bari e Barletta-Andria-Trani facilitates the building of a ethical/social awareness, solidarity and cooperation between enterprises and inspires management education and entrepreneurial culture.

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FEI- Federation of Egyptian Industries

The FEI was first established in 1922 and today it overlooks the operations and tackles the barriers facing the entire Industrial Sector. The FEI is home to 16 industrial chambers that represent the most active sectors within the egyptian business community.

The chambers act as the strategic organizational entity which labors restlessly in order to enhance the performance and productivity of the sector members in addition to provide tools that facilitate the overall commercial and business effectiveness.

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IVACE  – The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (Spain)

It is a public entity of the Valencian government attached to the Regional Department of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment.

The aims of the Institute are managing industrial policy of the government and business support for innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization.

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MFC Pole (Tunisia)

The cluster Monastir El Fejja (Manouba) is a limited company (SA) private law, established in October 2006 and is based on the principle of public – private partnership. MFCPOLE primary mission is the development of an ecosystem of growth and the implementation of smart specialization strategy driven around the sector Textile & Clothing state targeting promising activities.

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Guests and hosts

ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

Trisaia Lab

Funded in 1963 the Trisaia Lab is today one of the most advanced labs in Italy in the field of sustainable agronomy, molecular biotechnologies, renewable energy, environmental and material technologies.

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The lab supports the technological transfer towards the industry and the territory through the implementation ICT technologies for the harmonisation and virtualisation of productivity processes in order to foster sustainable economic development.

To better pursue its goal UTT-PMI acquired two laboratories supporting research and technological transfer activities by taking part to projects along with firms and research partners and realising demonstrations and prototypes.

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SRM -Studi e Ricerche sul Mezzogiorno

Study Centre based in Naples, connected to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, originally an intellectual and scientific safeguard, has the objective to improve the knowledge about the territory in terms of infrastructural, productive and social assets with the European and Mediterranean vision. Specialized in the analysis of regional dynamics, and with a particular eye on the South of Italy, it also deals with the permanent monitoring of the relationships between Italy and the Mediterranean and of the economic phenomena regarding the maritime and logistics industry.

In 2015 it realised the study “Innovation and Production in the South: the T&C supply chain”, focusing on the major drivers of development in the T&C sector: organisation, networking, innovation, internationalisation, and logistics.

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Tintoria Emiliana

Firm from Modena, specialised in the dying and finishing of clothing for third parties. The constant research and innovation of techniques and technologies are the most distinctive characteristic of the firms, along with the attention paid to the environmental sustainability and safety of the products used.

Azienda del modenese, specializzata nella tintura e nel finissaggio dei capi per terzi. La continua ricerca e l’innovazione delle tecniche e delle tecnologie sono un tratto distintivo dell’aziende, oltre all’attenzione all’impatto ambientale ed alla sicurezza dei prodotti utilizzati.

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UNICAL – Università della Calabria

Department of Law and Business Admnistration

Department of Humanities

UNICAL is a new university but has already developed an impressive international dimension that allowed it to join illustrious international partnerships and to contribute to this meeting by introducing Calabria as a case study of a context where ancient craftmanship evolves along with industry and innovation.

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