On the path of Marco Aurelio Severino

On the 12 of July, ARTES, in cooperation with the department of human studies of the University of Calabria (UNICAL-DISU) and the Municipality of Tarsia (Calabria), organised an international seminar on the contribution of Marco Aurelio Severino to the history of medicine, science and technology at the dawn of the modern age.


A wide view on the early moderns

For the 360th anniversary of his death, the University of Calabria and the Palazzo Severino hosted a series of discussions and talks about the state of medicine in the 16th – 17th century. The intervention focused both on Severino’s life, on the evolution of medicine and surgery in that era, and on the correspondence and influence among the different scientists of the time. Among others has been discussed the contribution of Ambroise Paré to surgery and medical knowledge, Severino’s interpretation of Harvey’s work on blood circulation, or his work on the Aristotelian studies on air and water.



To project ourselves into the future

The organisation of the seminar, made possible thanks to the commitment of Professor Emilio Sergio from UNICAL-DISU, also confirmed the willingness to further develop the work done on Marco Aurelio Severino through the establishment of a proper foundation. The purpose of such an institution would be threefold. The first, goal would be the rediscovery of Marco Aurelio Severino’s life and work. This first objective directly serves a second one, which is the valorisation of the regional treasures and heritages. The redevelopment of fragile regions and communities is at the core of ARTES’ engagement and this project continues this tradition. Finally, the rediscovery of Severino’s work may also help for the understanding of the importance of cooperation and correspondence among scientists in the progression of knowledge. To reopen discussions and debates between organisations and scholars specialised on different scientist from the modern era, may help to better understand one of the major factor of the spread of knowledge.