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The sheer size of the Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Footwear (TCLF) industry is impressive and even more, its role plaid in our daily lives: besides providing cover and useful items for the quotidian, garment and textiles TCLF industry plays a vital role in culture, art and has an incredible impact on social subjects helping define […]

Forested rural areas are a valuable source of non-fossil raw materials

    Forested rural areas can be a driver of the European sustainable bioeconomy model if their valuable non-fossil raw materials can be used effectively In the circular sustainable bioeconomy perspective, forested rural areas represent a precious source of the lignocellulose and non-fossil raw materials for established or newly emerging market applications. Within the European Green […]

On the path of Marco Aurelio Severino

On the 12 of July, ARTES, in cooperation with the department of human studies of the University of Calabria (UNICAL-DISU) and the Municipality of Tarsia (Calabria), organised an international seminar on the contribution of Marco Aurelio Severino to the history of medicine, science and technology at the dawn of the modern age. A wide view […]

RESTARTING FROM SOUTH – The meetings and the results

              Between July 27th and 29th, ARTES realised the dense program of meetings that had been planned for months. The leaders of research and industry from all over the Mediterranean basin had the chance to come together both in formal meetings and informal situations, which facilitated the creation of small discussion […]