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ARTES goes back to TUNISIA

Starting April 2014 ARTES began to work for the realisation of an advanced research cluster in Tunisia, and has already drafted the first agreements in collaboration with local firms, and research and development institutes. Lilia Infelise, President of ARTES, visited again the country from October 11 until 17 with the aim of tightening these collaborations […]

Green partnerships for the Textile & Clothing Industry in the heart of the Mediterranean

ARTES is currently at the centre of multiple operations with one purpose: increasing competitiveness of fragile and peripheral territories and creating sustainable jobs through businesses creation and enhancement, with special focus on SMEs and while pursuing green innovation and social sustainability. All of this, thanks to international partnerships involving civil society, research centres, universities, and […]

Project Ginestra enters the second phase – Activating Innovation

After almost 15 years at the lead of the project Ginestra and a patented bio-refinery process, ARTES and its international network of laboratories and universities are about to scale up to pilot production. Thanks to the funding from the Region of Calabria, the research is now heading towards the industrialisation of the already discovered enzymatic […]

Study Visit in EAC – Bujumbura and Nairobi

On February 23rd, after the workshop the Italian delegation and Prof. Déo Gratias Nkihamira (President of the Italian – Burundian association Africa Renaissance Time) visited the EU Delegation for a meeting with Head of the Rural Development, Infrastructure and Energy Department Paul Vossen and the  Project Manager for Infrastructure Egide Niyogusaba. The discussion focused on the […]

Study Visit in EAC: the Workshop

The delegation landed in Bujumbura on Sunday: Giulio Castelli (UNIFI) and Vincenzo D’Agostino (OMNIA ENERGIA) at 1PM, while Tommaso Trombetti (UNIBO-DICAM) and Lilia Infelise (ARTES) arrived in the evening. They’ve been welcomed by the usual tropical heat and by Déo Gratias Nkinahamira, President of ART and one of the mission’s most committed partners. The long flight to […]

Study Visit in EAC – Background and Purposes

We always hear people say that the world is changing, but we rarely see their ideas change along with it: we are so accustomed to believe that innovation happens exclusively by breakthrough that if we don’t see something disruptive, we don’t see the change at all. We talk about it like it’s about to happen […]