The project aims at creating new perspectives and offering new objectives for the development of the working and the entrepreneurial spheres within the Campania region, giving the women the responsibility to explore and experiment new links between art, craft ship and scientific research, to enable the working and entrepreneurial growth.


Create a permanent network for benchmarking local activities with international best practices;

Exploit the region’s unique Arts & Craft heritage and its universities’ and research centres’ scientific and technological expertise to promote job creation and economic and social development in which women take leading roles on equal terms with men;

Transfer innovative models and competencies, together with tools and techniques for continuous professional development, to local job centres, training providers and agencies for local development.

Test out under pilot conditions an integrated service for the promotion of women’s role in the world of work through information, orientation and training of employed and unemployed women of different ages.


Policy makers, job centres, career counselling centres, female entrepreneurs, unemployed women looking for a job and employed women looking for new job opportunities.


On-line Knowledge Data Base composed of different sections. Mentorship, innovative models, a multimedia archive with everything that concerns training and competences, an agenda of relevant events and an observatory on women labour market trends.

Creation of a network of specialists in mentoring and counselling women working in the arts & crafts and tourism. A multimedia tool kit containing models, teaching materials, syllabus, and key competences to support trainers, career businesses start and development consultants, specialising in equal opportunities, arts & crafts and tourism.

Creation of at least six new women enterprises, one must be concerned with high technology in tourism or arts & crafts. Individual career development assessment aimed at developing fifteen individual training and development action plans.

Development of innovative networks involving local actors who learn from the project pilot experience and innovate their practices, at policy making and technical level.

Development of a feasibility study to translate the pilot project in a local agency which acts as a clearing house helping meeting International opportunities and local needs ensuring the field of interest (women arts crafts tourism and connected advanced technologies) research, development and diffusion of innovation.

Creation of a women entrepreneurs’ network who wiil be the core group of a specialised district in the fields of art and technology.

Project progress